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How to laser etch glass?

Glass engraving and etching is a new and modern technique used to produce beautiful effects on the surface of glass. Etching on glass can provide stunning results. You are able to etch or engrave different types of images, logos and other patterns on the glass to give them effective look. You can even etched sophisticated photographs and graphics directly on the surface of glass, mirror or any type of glass material. In laser engraving machine, laser beam is utilized to form different patterns or designs in a very delicate way. It is very simple or easy process to make a laser etched glass. In this method, the glass material is etched or engraved directly. Even the most detailed photo-engraving, texts, logos; patterns can very easily applied by using laser technology. Glass is a natural material and very fine kind of laser beam is required to etch glass in a clear way. Laser etching of glass does not need a mask, film work or water. This laser etching technology is a latest technology that can be controlled by the operating system, but particular software and hardware have to be installed for this programming. Graphic Design software is the most important software for this process. Every type of text, artwork or image can be lasered easily and efficiently. Glasses, bottles, mugs, paperweights, plaques, vases, ornaments and many other glass products can be easily personalized and enhanced by laser etching. A CO2 laser is the best choice to etch a glass.

An intense beam of light, a laser can engrave everything on the glass surface that looks lovely and professional as well. Laser etching is the easiest and fastest ways to engrave glass. Cylindrical attachment is required to etch the round glass materials so that it can rotate the item during engraving. These are the accessories which are basic requirements of manufacturers. Laser beam can engrave less expensive and daily use glassware in a smooth and clean way than pure crystal material. If the laser produces a large amount of heat then it may crack the glass and a blurred image can occur on its surface. To keep save from this problem apply a thin layer of dish-washing liquid on the glass before etching. The user can also reduce the engraving resolution and the laser’s pulse rate to avoid creating too much heat. In this way laser can engrave glass. Use a nail brush to clean the surface of the glass after etching. You can also add colors in the laser. It is important to keep the glass as cool as possible before engraving. Some precautionary measures are also necessary to keep in mind before etching a glass, such as avoid a second pass, that means you should test your speed and power setting on the type of glass you are going to engrave, it is necessary to maintain optimal temperatures.

You can try this laser etching at your home. It is the best gift you can give to your loved ones as a life time memory.

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